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Source: 14th Annual CFDA Fashion Fund Awards NYC Featuring: Nicki Minaj Where: NYC, New York, United States When: 07 Nov 2017 Credit: Patricia Schlein/ 

It’s been a long and tought road to superstardom for Queen’s own Nicki Minaj and last night on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon the Barbz gave him a little insight into the kind of bumps on the road that journey entailed.

While making their way to Red Lobster for their “dinner date,” Nicki revealed that before her platinum plaque days she actually worked at a few Red Lobsters during her youth but ultimately “I’d gotten fired from all three or four of them.” Word? Luckily for her Red Lobster doesn’t have a blackball list or something.

Touching on the topic of her latest single “Megatron,” Nicki reveals that a new project is indeed on it’s way but “I don’t know the date yet” nor does she know what she’ll be naming it. After joking around with the late night show host, Nicki participated in Jimmy’s “Wheel of Freestyle” in which three random words are chosen and Nicki has to incorporate them in a freestyle. Truth is she didn’t do half-bad, but who knows if Jimmy pulled a Slumdog Millionaire and left the words for her on a mirror backstage. We’re kidding!

Check out the interview and freestyle below and let us know what you think of Nicki’s latest single, “Megatron” (she bringing the Decepticon era of New York City back to the forefront?).