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Tay-K released one of the most brazen songs by way of his hit track “The Race” which caught fire as he was on the run for murder via a case in Texas. This week, the 19-year-old rapper pleaded guilty to aggravated robbery charges as he awaits trial for capital murder.

The Forth Worth Star-Telegram reports:

Tay-K 47, whose real name is Taymor McIntyre, is on trial this week for capital murder for his alleged involvement in the robbery that left Ethan Walker fatally shot and another man wounded.

McIntyre pleaded guilty Monday to two counts of aggravated robbery by threats in the robbery of Walker’s girlfriend and another man inside the home.

But he pleaded not guilty to capital murder and to a separate count of aggravated robbery for the robbery and shooting of Walker’s roommate, Zachary Beloate, who was shot in the shoulder during the robbery but survived.

At issue is whether McIntyre anticipated or should have anticipated that a murder would be committed when he participated in the robbery at the Mansfield home.

Jeff Kearney, one of McIntyre’s three defense attorneys, told jurors in opening statements Tuesday morning that “Tay agreed to participate in a robbery. Tay participated in a robbery.”

For that, Kearney told the jurors, McIntyre has “accepted responsibility” through his plea.

If convicted, Tay-K will get life in prison for the capital murder charge with the possibility for parole in 40 years.

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