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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Multiplayer

Source: Infinity Ward / Activision

Today (August 1), Infinity Ward and Activision unveiled the multiplayer mode for the upcoming “reboot” of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and boy does it look GOOD.

With fans of the ridiculously popular first-person shooter franchise already hyped after seeing the story mode trailer, today’s reveal during the big live stream event in Los Angeles definitely has them salivating. In the 3:02 clip we are pleased to learn that Killstreaks are returning and they are not the same old ones we are used to from previous titles. We also get a glimpse of the new maps players will battle it out on for COD dominance.

During the event, Infinity Ward discussed the many changes players can expect when they play the game. The reimagined version of Modern Warfare will be scrapping symmetrical three-lane maps we were used to in favor of more open-ended stages. Developers also revealed there will be deep weapon customization in the game. Gone is the Pick 10 system with players now able to customize weapons with up to 60 attachments. Game loadouts will now allow combatants to carry both a lethal and tactical grenades, two guns and equip three perks.

A “Ground War” mode is also coming to Modern Warfare’s multiplayer that will allow up to 100+ players to take part in the action. It wasn’t shown during today’s event. This news followed the reveal of the games new 2V2 “Gunfight” mode back in July.

Activision also spilled the beans on upcoming Beta with PlayStation 4 owners getting first dibs beginning September 12-13 (early access) and September 14-16 (Open beta). As announced previously, Modern Warfare will allow all the consoles to play nice with each other introducing cross-play to the franchise. Early access for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 owners begins September 19-20 with the open beta kicking off September 21-23.

Call of Duty: Black Ops IIII will be a thing of the past once this game launches, you watch the trailer to see exactly why we feel that way.

Photo: Infinity Ward / Activision