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While it is usually laughs and jokes with Cardi B, she is keeping it very savvy when it comes to her legal dealings. Bardi has requested that recordings of her sworn evidence be kept sealed.

Page Six is reporting that the Bronx rapper is wiser than she might let on. According to the gossip rag she has requested that her deposition tapes be kept private in fear that the clips will become epic memes. Manhattan federal judge Gabriel Gorenstein explained the reason for the approval in a formal statement. “The Court concludes that the status of Belcalis Almanzar as a person of public interest, as well as the privacy interest enjoyed by any litigant, strongly counsel in favor of limiting the use of the video version of the deposition”.

The magistrate also detailed how the material will be put to use. “Accordingly, it is hereby ordered that the video version of the deposition of Belcalis Almanzar shall be used only for purposes of this litigation and shall not be filed or otherwise disseminated to any member of the public without permission of the Court.”

This favorable ruling applies to a lawsuit filed by her former manager. In 2016 Klenord “Shaft” Raphael claims she broke their agreement which entitled him to 20% of her gross earnings right before her career took off. She counter-sued alleging he was stealing money from her and charging exuberant management fees.

Photo: Prince Williams