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Chris Rock is under fire after sharing an Instagram post joke connected to the El Paso and Dayton shooting tragedies. Using an image of comedic actress Betty White, Rock’s joke has some fans deeming him a racist for correctly pointing out the race of the domestic terrorists who carried out the crime.

Yahoo! reports:

“The first thing people say when a mass shooting is announced,” the meme posted by Rock read, with a photo of the Golden Girls star underneath. The punchline is a pun inspired by her name: “Bet he white.”

The post fetched mixed reactions, with many cracking up, some expressing relief that the beloved 97-year-old White hadn’t died and quite a few critics slamming Rock for linking the mass shootings to white men. (Last weekend’s shootings in El Paso and Dayton were both committed by white men, one of whom had expressed white supremacist beliefs, though there have been mass shootings, including the Aurora, Ill. and Virginia Beach, Va. ones earlier this year, perpetrated by men of color.)

What do you think? Is Chris Rock’s Betty White joke out of line? Sound off in the comments.

Photo: WENN