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Joe Budden is once again on the hot seat. He is now facing allegations that he keeps women on his bullseye.

Vibe is reporting that the rapper turned media personality had some explaining to do in a new interview with Variety. His recent visit to Nicki Minaj’s Queen Radio, which resulted in him getting tossed from the Q&A, prompted many to believe he tears down women. Jumpoff vehemently denied  the allegations pointing to his single parent upbringing.

“That’s such a false narrative, I don’t understand where comes from and it shouldn’t be created,” he explained. “I was raised by a single mom. I was raised to believe — and I still believe — that women are the greatest creatures on this f**king earth. The greatest. I don’t understand where that comes from.”

He went on to make it clear the insinuations are far from the truth. “There’s nothing to defend. I wouldn’t even dignify it” he added. “What conversation are we having? It has to be with someone who isn’t familiar with me…I’m not really perception-based. I’m black and white. If it’s true, great. If not, y’all have a blast with it as long as it’s not altering anything. That couldn’t be further from the truth.”

You can read the rest of the piece here.

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