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JAY-Z Told Jermaine Dupri To Turn Down Similar NFL Deal, Allegedly

Source: Patrick McMullan / Getty

Money ain’t a thang? Or so we thought. Grammy-winning songwriter and close friend to Jermaine Dupri, Bryan-Michael Cox is claiming that Jay-Z personally called the head of So So Def and told him to pass on a similar NFL deal.

We are sure Hov expected some criticism and a healthy dose of skepticism would come from the announcement his Roc Nation imprint working with the NFL but nothing to this level. Timelines have been divided since the news broke, with those still riding with Colin Kaepernick side-eyeing Jigga and those who feel the rapper/businessman made a dope business move with the best interest at heart.

During a recent interview, without too much detail Cox claimed that less than a year ago Jay-Z advised Jermaine Dupri to turn down a similar deal.

I’m not saying that it can’t turn into some good shit. We’re also talking about a guy who single-handedly picked up the phone and called Jermaine to tell him not to do it… When we all had that meeting with the NFL, all that shit was part of the same shit.

I’m not gonna condemn it and be like, ‘That shit’s wack. For me, I want to look at it intelligently because I know a lot of what was happening before and how we were engaged last year as a community… At the end of the day, [Dupri] took a beating for doing the same shit. And I guarantee you they didn’t pay him as much as they’re about to pay [JAY].”

Following that up, while everyone was sleeping, Funk Flex dropped a bomb in the form of a Tweet stating he had a phone convo with Dupri and he confirmed Cox’s claims.

He doubled-down on his position within an Instagram post with a very long caption stating he spoke with JD, Fat Joe, Pio, TT and Kaepernick’s girlfriend Nessa.

This whole situation has garnered reactions from the likes of Freddie Gibbs, DJ Khaled, Kaps partner in protest Eric Reid, Jemele Hill, and more. We are still waiting to hear from the parties directly involved though, this would help add more light and clarification to matters.

Photo: Patrick McMullan / Getty