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Source: ORLANDO SIERRA / Getty

If you thought the animosity between Yankees and Red Sox fans was bad, you’d be surprised at the hostility held by soccer fans in Central America. Just this weekend violence broke out at a soccer game in Honduras when fans of rival soccer teams mixed it up with each other and police this past Saturday night (Aug. 17).

Reuters is reporting that fans of the Olimpia and Motagua futbol teams took their hate of each other to the extreme when hardcore fans attacked the Motagua team bus outside Honduras capital Tegucigalpa’s National Stadium before any of the players could even get off. Once fans started attacking the bus all hell broke loose and people actually lost their lives in the melee.

“Three people died and seven were shot and stabbed. One of them is a boy. Three of the injured adults are in critical condition,” Laura Schoenherr, a spokeswoman for the state University School Hospital, told Reuters.

The riot broke out after crowds threw stones at the bus carrying members of the Motagua team, sending shards of window glass at the players inside, according to the Motagua club, which blamed members of the Ultra-Faithful Olimpia fan club.

Naturally the game was suspended after the riot in which three Motagua players ended up being taken to the hospital to get treatment for facial wounds from glass shards flying into the bus.

Though fights and riots between soccer fans were once a common occurrence in the sport it’s been a minute since such an incident has happened. Unfortunately not only did it once again happen but a few fans paid with their lives because of it.

It’s just a game, y’all. It’s never that serious.