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Samsung Announces The Galaxy Fold Is Now Available

Source: Sean Gallup / Getty

Not too long ago, the idea of a foldable smartphone was just bonkers. Samsung decided to push the envelope and developed the Galaxy Fold, which wowed when it was first revealed. After some design setbacks, it looks like we can expect the phone to finally arrive this year.

The Galaxy Fold is now available… in Korea starting September 6, the Korean tech giant announced on its website. This is still good news for those in the US, UK, and other countries itching to get their hands on the ambitious smartphone. When it arrives, the 7.3-inch infinitely flex device will come in two finishes, Cosmos Black and Space Silver. A 5G-ready version of the Fold will also be available in select countries allowing users to “unfold the future on the fastest network speeds available.”

The Galaxy Fold was put in limbo with the Samsung fixing flaws on the device after reports of test units breaking. While the issue seemed to be user error with reviewers removing a secondary screen believing it was a screen protector. Thankfully, the problem took place before the phones global release, allowing Samsung to slap warnings on future devices instructing owners not to peel off the screen. Once removed, reports of the screen “bulging” or “spazzing and blacking out” hit the web.

Samsung has not gone into details about the global release date, but Tech Radar suggests the US can expect the phone to arrive September 27. When the Fold does finally drop, it will set you back some coins with a price point at $1,980. For that price, we hope they worked out all the kinks. You can see the phone in action in the announcement video below.

Photo: Sean Gallup / Getty