What may have seemed like a foolish chess move at the time, Curtis Jackson went for the king of the ghetto love songs and the reigning radio ruler and turned him into a pawn in less than a year.

Ja Rule could do no wrong in the early 2000’s, his videos topped countdowns, his sing-songy style crossed over effortlessly, and Murder Inc. was on a roll obtaining plaques.

50 claims that his Queens brethren shunned him at a video shoot, the two crossed paths at a studio where a stabbing occurred and fellow Murder Inc. artist Black Child was involved, and 50 then launched a full assault on Ja Rule. His songs took Ja’s signature style, he dedicated records, skits and interviews to him and they all referred to Ja as soft, fake and homosexual.

Needless to say, Ja’s fans began to switch sides and 50’s mixture of hard hitting joints and harmonizing singles stole the show.

The two have still not reconciled and Ja is currently heading to prison.

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