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It seems like just yesterday Tekashi 6ix9ine‘s Trey Nine Gangsta Bloods crew was out in the streets of New York allegedly putting hands on rappers who dared talked sideways about the “Gummo” rapper. Now only a year and change after claiming to be the “King of New York,” the rainbow haired rapper who once bragged about how thorough his team is preparing to drop more dimes than a Kevin Love and Dame D.O.L.L.A commercial against the same people who once held him down in the streets…and eventually kidnapped and robbed him as well.

Unfortunately for the rapper also Danny Hernandez, he will have to take the stand without any moral support from his immediate family as they fear retribution from the men Hernandez once ran with. According to TMZ, Tekashi 6ix9ine’s family has decided not to be in the crowd once Tekashi goes all “Henry Hill” on his former mob associates and sings some jail house rock notes that will help put his former homies turned captors behind bars. Knowing that members of the Trey Nine Gangsta Bloods would be in attendance, his family members fear that they might and try to make an example of them to send Tekashi and other would-be snitches a message.

We’re told his family thinks, at the very least, they’d be harassed, but more likely followed back to their home … or even outright attacked by Nine Trey members.