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New NFL Feature Details Nipsey Hussle's Legacy

Source: Bernard Smalls / @PhotosByBeanz

The Marathon Continues… on the NFL Network. In association with the NFL’s ‘Inspire Change‘ initiative, the league dropped a new feature starring LA natives DeSean Jackson and Snoop Dogg. They both detail the cultural impact of the late Nipsey Hussle on his community.

The new feature titled The L.A. Marathon features the Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver and the Long Beach rapper discussing Hussle’s legacy. Jackson, a Crenshaw native, recalls his first time meeting the “Victory Lap” rapper sometime between 1997, 1998 and their friendship.

Jackson later links up with Uncle Snoop Dogg, and the “Gin & Juice” rapper shares the story of listening to Hussle’s music for the first time. During the reflective moment, a clip of the late rapper in his younger years is played. Jackson also links up with Neighborhood Nip’s bodyguard J Roc at basketball blessed with a mural of Nip. Jackson asks J Roc about the impact of his late friend in Los Angeles.

“It’s because he never left. He lived and died where he came from, and he believed in everything. He believed in this community.”

Jackson also stopped by all of the businesses Hussle owned talking with friends and associates. One person, in particular, the NFL chopped it up with the feature was David Gross who owner of the affordable co-working spacer Vector 90. Gross elaborated on how Nipsey helped usher in new businesses into the neighborhood.

“For years, we didn’t have the resources to invest in our own communities. But as we have a generation or a couple generations that have found ways to make money, go back and put it to work and be the catalyst in your neighborhood, Nip lived that. He definitely saw it.”

Jackson closes out the feature with some touching words about Hussle stating:

“When I’m on the field and when I’m playing, I’m repping and I’m standing for what he talked about. That’s just off the strength of the love I got from him.”

You can watch The L.A. Marathon feature below on YouTube.

Photo: Bernard Smalls / @PhotosByBeanz