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Elementary age, African American girl being bullied at school.

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When you’re young, school is definitely the place you expect to be protected. But for a young Black girl in Fairfax, VA that is not the case.

According to published reports, 12-year-old Amari Allen was attending the prestigious private school, Immanuel Christian School (the school where US VP Mike Pence’s wife works), when she was reportedly attacked by three white male classmates after facing weeks of bullying. Allen states that she was on her way to class when she was grabbed by the thugs, then one proceeded to cover her mouth as another pinned her hands behind her back and the third cut her hair while all three called her names including, “ugly” and told the young girl that she “shouldn’t have been born.”

The tearful young girl stated that she hid the attack from her parents out of fear of retaliation, but on Wednesday her grandmother noticed that her hair looked different and asked her about it; that’s when the young girl burst out in tears and finally revealed what happened.

“It’s very painful,” her grandmother, Cynthia Allen told local news station Fox 5. “I want to see them dismissed from the school. I want to see something done.”

While Amari’s grandmother would like to see the school take action, many are reluctant to see such results, especially when the Allens were advised by the school to reportedly “not post the issue to social media” because the wanted to handle it “the godly way.”

Immanuel Christian School Head Stephen Danish told Fox 5 that the school has a zero-tolerance policy for any kind of bullying or abuse, saying: “We are deeply disturbed by the allegations being made.”

But not disturbed enough apparently because as of press time, the three young men were still attending the school and were not being disciplined for the incident.

The Allens did contact local police who are investigating the incident.

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