iOne Digital Creative Class 2019
Creative Class 2019

Source: Kazeem Famuyide / Kazeem Famuyide

Name: Meka “MekDot” Udoh

Occupation: Content Creator and DJ

Location: New York

How We Know Him: He’s the man behind the edgy opinion-based reviews Hip-Hop needed to keep things honest.

Why We Chose Him: The co-founder of 2DopeBoyz remains devoted to chronicling the culture with candid reviews and breaking news.

What’s Next: Udoh’s devotion to music remains a constant. In addition to running his brand, he stays busy collaborating with artists and DJ’ing gigs.

IG: @mekdot

Every couple of years the way we consume music evolves. While the shift from physical albums to digital downloads is obviously the most landmark change, we could not ignore how media has transformed entirely. In the mid-2000’s journalists and fans alike started taking to the web to voice their opinion and share music on Rap blogs.

At the forefront of the wave was Meka Udoh who’s weekly “Slap-Boxing With Jesus” column on HipHopDX was a snarky but yet critical take on Hip-Hop. The California native would again raise the bar when he launched 2DopeBoyz in 2007.

The website allowed he and his co-founder Shake, who share at times vastly different tastes, to share their thoughts on music. From its’ inception 2DBZ had a true point of difference as the pair of friends spotlighted new music and upcoming talent from different areas of the country. Readers were not only guaranteed free access to the content but also very biting reviews of albums and mixtapes alike.

Prior to this time outlets such as XXL and The Source provided formal reviews which at times went over people’s heads. Meka’s reviews read like a concise evaluation for the everyman. If he liked a project, you immediately felt it in his writing; if he felt your release was lacking you were in trouble. “Cliché as it may be, music — more specifically, the sound of music — is what keeps me motivated and inspired to be able to create. Coming from a family of women who are, literally, all either in the medical or legal field, I was more attracted to the arts as a child” he revealed.

Twelve years later 2DopeBoyz continues to be a popular destination for Hip-Hop culture. Additionally, MekDot has earned his stripes as a DJ with gigs throughout the country and clutch mixes / playlists. Put some respeck on his name.

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