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Sky Breaks Down Video of Herself Going Off On NYC Taxi Driver

Source: Nagina Lane / iOne Digital

If you watch Black Ink Crew like we always do (peep our latest recap), Sky, one of the main stars of the show, is well-known for her antics. Over the weekend, TMZ shared a video of the head of Human Resources for the tattoo shop going on NYC taxi driver. In a rare move, Sky had some time to address the situation.

The incident took place on Friday (Oct. 4) afternoon on Madison Ave. Apparently, an NYC taxi driver allegedly made a reckless move almost sideswiping the vehicle Sky was in. In the video, Sky can be seen bum-rushing the guy, but according to the celebrity gossip site, sources close to the situation revealed it’s all the driver’s fault.

In the video, — which features some hilarious commentary — Sky can be seen throwing shots while standing behind her hired muscle which gets a bit physical with the taxi driver. They fracas was eventually broken up by a police officer who tells both parties to get back in their vehicles and go their separate ways.

Sky, who typically pays things reported about her, no mind felt she had to explain this situation. In an Instagram video where she hilariously flips off a colonizer, the reality star told her side of the story. According to Sky, she explains why she reacted in the way she did at the same time took responsibility for actions.

“The driver, recklessly hits myself and my loved ones… We attempted a peaceful resolution and he jumped off the deep end which caused me to react. If you know me, my love for people runs deep. In no way shape or form do I think my reaction was perfect. It was provoked. I do want it to be known, being from New York, my love for taxi drivers and the public transportation system runs deep. It’s been more pleasant run ins than not. Either way, I’m moving in from this situation knowing I could’ve handle it better.”

You can see Sky break it all down in her post below.

Photo: Nagina Lane / iOne Digital