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Ludacris will hit the big screen again starting this Friday as his latest film Gamer comes to theatres.  Speaking of the video game action thriller, Luda said:

“It’s definitely one of those movies that’s worth going to the theater to check out.  It’s a collection piece.  Gerard Butler of course is in it with me along with Kyra Sedgwick.  Gamer, it’s an extremely interesting futuristic action flick so it’s set in the future but the crazy thing about it is… you know how interactive video games are and how each and every year they just become more and more amazing, if you can imagine technology and there being a chip inside your brain that allows you to be controlled by another person, that’s basically what the movie is about.”

Gamer also features Terry Crews (Everybody Hates Chris, Friday After Next), John Leguizamo and Keith David.  Speaking more about the premise of the film, Ludacris revealed,

“They’re inmates of course and they enter into this battle zone and they’re being played by another person in the video game.  They’re prisoners and if you win a certain amount of battles, then they get out of jail.  It’s extremely interesting and basically I play a  guy (Humanz Brother) that’s a leader of a resistance group that  is 100% against putting chips into any human being because he feels that once that is done, you’ll be able to take over all of mankind.  The concept and everything, the graphics, the material and the storyline all comes together well so I’m proud of that so on Friday people need to show up at the theater and make this thing happen.”

After making himself an elitist in the Hip-Hop world, Ludacris says that he now wants to conquer Hollywood.  With over five feature films under his belt which include prominent roles and numerous television show appearances, Ludacris added:

“I’m loving this acting thing.  I’m taking my time with it and I come in with no ego.  I just want to learn and I’ve definitely learned from every one that I’ve been on screen with from Terrance Howard to Gerard Butler.  I’ve had a chance to work with a lot of different individuals especially on Crash. It was all kind of A-list actors on there so I just come in and learn before I take on that starring role.  I’m just trying to get me feet all the way wet.  Eventually I will be starring in my own movie, we gone make it happen.  It’s about getting the right projects so I’m taking it slow but surely.”

In related news, Ludacris will kick off his 4th annual  LudaDay Weekend on Thursday.  As previously reported,   the celebration includes various club events, a block party on the campus of Clark Atlanta University and a DJ Appreciation event in efforts to help out the community.

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Peep the trailer for Gamer below.