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VH1 Announces New Digital 'Black Ink Crew' Spin-Off, 'Tattoo Tales'

Source: VH1 / Tattoo Tales

If you watch VH1’s Black Ink Crew shows like we do, then like us, sometimes you’re wondering where in the world are the tattoos. It looks like the network has heard our complaints and decided to drop a new digital spin-off series called Tattoo Tales that focuses solely on the art.

Will Donna be featured?

Tattoo Tales aims to step away from the drama of running a successful tattoo shop we are used to seeing on the shows. Instead, it will focus on the story behind the art while learning more about Black Ink’s tattoo artists and the work they do on their clients.

Per VH1:

“VH1’s Tattoo Tales is a video series that gets up close and personal with the Black Ink tattoo artists and their clients, driving deeper into the story behind the art. The stars of Tattoo Tales are the shops and the artists in each of the Black Ink cities (New York, Chicago, and Compton). Each episode will focus on various tattoo styles delivered by the BIC artists in their home shops. Episode themes include covering scars, covering a tattoo that is no longer meaningful, first-time clients, face/neck tattoos, memorial portraits, and more. The combination of tattoo artistry, show favorites, and client meaning will give fans the depth they are craving.”

The season one of Tattoo Tales kicks off October 24, with the first of 6 episodes premiering at 12pm ET on VH1’s YouTube page. You can watch the trailer for the new series below.

Photo: VH1 / Tattoo Tales