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More money more problems continues to ring as an applicable mantra in Hip-Hop. Thankfully Migos dodged a big legal bullet this week that will let them keep their coins.

Complex is reporting that the trio landed a victory in their copyright infringement battle over “Walk It Talk It.” In 2018 a rapper by the name of M.O.S. filed a suit against the group claiming they shark bit his track “Walk It Like I Talk It” from his 2008 mixtape It’s Like A Movie. The paperwork stated that he was requesting a monetary payout for “unspecified damages” and “demanded that defendants immediately cease and desist from any further use of” of the song in question.

According to article, Migos came out victorious as U.S. District Judge Analisa Nadine Torres ruled in their favor. On Tuesday, November 12 the magistrate dismissed the copyright infringement lawsuit citing that the phrase “Walk It Like I Talk It” is too much of common phrase to copyright. She also pointed to other Rap records that also mention the line as further evidence (Paul Wall’s “March ‘n’ Step”).

“Because songwriters must be free to borrow sayings and expressions from popular culture, the Second Circuit and courts in this district have found that short and commonplace phrases are not protectable, even when used as the title or repeated lyrics of a song, as is the case here,” Torres explained. “The only similarity between the two works at issue, the lyrics ‘Walk It Like I Talk It’, is not original to the author and is, therefore, not protected by the copyright laws.”

You can listen to M.O.S.’ song below if you care.