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Damon Dash Celebrates the Launch of Dame Dash Studios

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In the cult classic Hip-Hop concert documentary Backstage, Dame Dash was affectionately referred to as an “a$$hole” by some of his Rocafella artists. Judging from his recent comments about getting booked last week for failure to pay child support you might get an idea as to why that sentiment was floated.

Recently Page Six caught up with Jay-Z’s former right hand man to talk about his recent court appearance for failure to pay child support and after telling them that it’s “part of the game” as far as he’s concerned, he actually gave himself props for how he looked the day of his court appearance.

“I thought I looked cool as f–k. I had handcuffs on for an hour. I came out a million dollars later and I was like, ‘What?’ And did a rock ‘n’ roll show later — that is gangsta.”

The show that Dash is referring to is a shindig he hosted at the Canary Club where he debuted his new rock band and apparently referred to himself as “Billy Pablo the Third.”

“I had fun,” he said. “Like s–t, if I am going to jail and not get out then that’s a problem. It wasn’t for no sex offender, or no raping, or dumb s–t. It was a warrant — they wanted that picture, but I looked good.” He added, “Who cares about being in handcuffs? It is a part of the game, but I walked right out.”

Dash was booked for owing over $400K in child support to two of his exes including alleged “Becky with the good hair,” Rachel Roy.

For his part, Dash feels this is all a ploy on Roy’s part to devalue his interest in her clothing line so it could be sold at a lower price. He plans on taking that fight to court in the near future.

Outside court, Dash claimed he paid the child support and has no cash flow issues. But he filed legal docs last week saying his income was “virtually nonexistent,” and he’s owed $2 million from a legal settlement with “Empire” producer Lee Daniels.

“I don’t care what people think,” Dash told us. “My actions speak louder than my words … it is funny that y’all even care [about] me … I am not a rapper, singer, nothing. I am famous for what? Being cool, that is funny. I am famous for my swag and I am good at business. I have art galleries around the world, but The Post does not talk about that.” They are under his DD172 brand.

It was all good just a decade ago.