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Last week Tekashi 6ix9ine learned that even after throwing half of New York to the federal lions, he was still prison bound as he was sentenced to two years behind bars followed by 5 years of probation (better than 47 though). 

As details about his sentencing continue to come out, TMZ is reporting that one of the conditions worked into his post-prison plans is that the ostracized rainbow haired rapper is to enroll himself into a outpatient mental health program to help him get his mind right. With all the social media slander and outright hostility he’ll face from here on out that honestly might not be a bad idea.

But that’s not all, once he’s out Tekashi must continue to honor the scarlet letter “S” he’ll bare for the rest of his life as he has to continue to cooperate with authorities with any ongoing investigations where “he might be useful.” Jesus H. Christ! They really making sure his rap career is over once he gets out. Who’s gonna wanna collaborate with him knowing he’s probably wearing a wire? His only hope is to jump on the remix to the “Baby Shark” song or something. “Ocean’s full of killas, i’m a killa too!!”

Once he gets out, he’ll be on supervised release for 5 years, will have to complete 300 hours of community service, pay a $35k fine … along with participating in the mental health program.

He did get some good news though as he’ll be placed in a correctional facility in New York City where he can be closer to his family and being that he’ll be blessed with some time served (13 months), the “Fefe” rapper could be eligible to walk free by the late of 2020.

Well, we would say “bendito” but nah…