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DaBaby Claims The CMPD Are Targeting Him Following Search & Arrest

Source: Radio One Digital / @Stretchd_34 for Radio One Digital

Looks like the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department tried to play The Grinch. DaBaby is claiming local authorities in his hometown are targeting after they busted him on Monday night (Dec.23) for weed possession and resisting an officer.

The incident took place after the “Bop” just finished performing for fans at the Bojangles’ Coliseum. After leaving the venue and hopping in his car, he was swarmed by 15 police officers DaBaby detailed. His vehicle was then searched, and that is when the police found weed — which is illegal in the state of North Carolina — and he was subsequently cuffed and cited with possession of marijuana.

“Every time. There’s nobody when I pull up in the parking lot, the second I get out the car, 15 cops come around.”

Following the search and arrest, DaBaby spoke with the press, where he called out the CMPD for their unlawful practices and accused them of targetting him every time he comes home to perform. He also revealed that he has “high-quality audio and video footage” of the arrest he intends on sharing on his Instagram account that will show he did not resist arrest.

Reps for the CMPD claim otherwise, and in a report state, the rapper was detained and charged with resisting an officer and misdemeanor possession of marijuana.

DaBaby has receipts though and shared videos via his Instagram Stories showing cops searching his car while he was on stage performing.

DaBaby then hopped on Instagram Live, breaking down the entire situation and explaining how the CMPD did him dirty even after they let him go.

“This how you know the police did wrong. I’m in there waiting to see the magistrate for three hours. They made me take twelve different mugshots, fuckin’ with me. The two arresting officers come and tell the C.Os ‘we need Jonathan Kirk’s property, and take me back out the intake door, the same door they brought me in handcuffs. I’m walking in the jail on my way out. Everybody in the world who ever been to jail, especially in Charlotte, know it’s policy to cut this band off you before they let you out the door. They didn’t take me out the right door, they took me out the same door they brought me in.”

He vowed to keep the band on until after Christmas as proof of him being violated to show to news outlets.

This follows what has already been a pretty eyebrow-raising past few days for the rapper. The ladies on Twitter was thrown into a frenzy when what they thought was a video featuring his baby arm leaked. It turned out to be someone elses. Before his run-in with the law, he was handing out holiday gifts to underprivileged youth in his hometown.

Photo: Radio One Digital / @Stretchd_34 for Radio One Digital