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Korg NC-Q1 Smart Noise-Cancelling Headphones

Source: Korg / Korg

Ahead of this year’s NAMM (National Association Music Merchants) Show, Korg unveiled its new NC-Q1, Smart Noise Cancelling headphones, and they sound like a DJ’s dream tool.

Yesterday (Jan.8), the multinational electronics and musical instruments company revealed the NC-Q1 headphones stating they are specifically designed for DJs, drummers, and front of house engineers. Korg boasts that its “outstanding” active noise-canceling technology that will work even in the noisiest environments, like a nightclub, for example.

Utilizing a combination of Feed-forward and Feedback Active Noise Cancelling, the NC-Q1 will monitor your surroundings and while limiting what gets through the headphones. Microphones located inside and outside of the earcups automatically adjust according to the wearer’s surroundings. Korg also boasts that a built-in attenuation function allows the NC-Q1 to tackle extreme noise in a more superior way than most headphones.

The NC-Q1 also comes with other features DJs will love like Sound Enhancing functions and Smart Monitoring. This will allow the wearer to adjust EQ preset and volume balance so they can determine how much external sound comes in the headphones. Another cool feature the NC-Q1s has is the ability to program which ear you want the monitoring audio to be in. It allows the wearer to hear whats going on in the room without having to take off the headphones. You can also turn off or on the monitoring function via the on-board controls.

The NC-Q1s also transition into regular life to provide your tunes uninterrupted on your daily commute to work. The headphones are Bluetooth, feature Google/Sirir assistant, a rechargeable battery that allows 36 hours of use on a single charge, hands-free calling with clear audio with beamforming for clear voice pickup. They will even automatically pause once you take them off and resume play when put back on to save battery.

Korg NC-Q1 Smart Noise-Cancelling Headphones

Source: Korg / Korg

There is even a model made specifically for users who play the guitar. Instead of Korg branding, they feature Vox labeling and resemble the company’s iconic amplifiers. Korg says the Vox model also has monitoring tech that picks up and isolates frequencies of your voice and acoustic guitars.

The Korg NC-Q1 launches in February and will cost $350 while the Vox VH-Q1 drops sometime “early spring” and is a bit pricier, costing $400.

Photo: Korg

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