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Cardi B

Source: Bernard Smalls / @PhotosByBeanz

Looks like Cardi B might be looking for a career change and she has her eye on Washington D.C..

A few days ago seemingly out of nowhere the stripper turned rapper turned millionaire took to Twitter to reveal that she’s thinking about getting into politics. In a series of tweets she explained why she was considering a run for congress including people’s lack of patriotism (something Republicans complain about these days), and her love of government even if she doesn’t agree with its policies.

Naturally she was met with more hate than a day of Trump tweets, but still took the time to address those who think she should stick to her day job and forget about her political aspirations.

Truth be told we wouldn’t mind a congresswoman Cardi doing what she can to help out the people of the culture. We mean Republicans have no problems supporting blatant white supremacists, climate change deniers, sexists, and at times even alleged pedophiles such as Roy Moore. Why should we not throw our support behind a woman who’s from the block and is familiar with our everyday struggles?

Sure she’s admitted to drugging and robbing men during her pole dancing days and has even gotten into a few scuffles with other women here and there, but hey, who are we to judge a woman doing what she had to do to get by. It’s not like she was born with a golden spoon in her mouth and still felt it necessary to sexually violate unsuspecting victims while committing all kinds of tax fraud and colluding with enemies of America to gain positions of power.

If Cardi really does return to school in order to get familiar with the political system and one day run for office (something Trump never did), then we’re all for it. We mean for God’s sake Republicans have already voted in an alleged racist actor in Ronald Reagan, a village idiot known as George W. Bush), and a blatantly racist reality TV grifter & alleged Russian asset named Donald Trump. Don’t get us started on the countless far right-wing burgers in congress and in the senate.

But yeah, Cardi B ain’t cut out for politics. FOH.