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A few years ago it seemed like Post Malone about to get kicked the f*ck out the Hip-Hop game when he stated that the rap game lacked content and substance, but since then his career has continued to flourish to the point of annoyance.

Still, The Breakfast Club‘s Charlamagne Tha God remains unimpressed and it while Malone continues to rack up Hip-Hop related awards and rub shoulders with the culture’s biggest stars, Tha God feels that Shia LaBeouf’s rap doppelganger should be banished from the rap game.

In a recent interview with Where’s Wallo, Charlamagne and Wallo were speaking about the rap game and which two people Tha God would expel from it if he could, and without thinking too hard about it the New York Times best-selling author had no qualms about “definitely” naming one man: Post Malone. Though he admitted his decision was “for no other reason other than I’m just probably hating. I don’t really dig his music like that,” Charlamagne justified his decision by explaining he felt Post was a rip-off version of another rapper.

“I think he’s a fake Future and Future gets too much – Future gets so much flack for being Future but then you got a guy out there pretending to be Future, and that’s Post Malone.”

Well, can’t say we’re surprised as C and Post have a bit of a catty history with one another, but we can’t say we disagree. Though Malone’s cut with Swae Lee (“Sunflower”) was catchy as heck, we don’t think we’ll be missing out on any classics if Post Malone was kicked out of the game tomorrow. No shots, just sayin.’

Check out the entire interview below and let us know if you agree or disagree with Charlamagne’s assessment of Post Malone’s place in the rap game.