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Ohio Pastor Tells Congregation to Say “F.U.” to Their Neighbors

An Ohio pastor has raised eyebrows for instructing his congregation to tell one another, ‘F.U.’, at a recent Sunday service.

Dr. R.A. Vernon, senior pastor of The Word Church in Ohio conjured an alternative way to preach his sermon on ‘forgiveness’ by turning his theme of ‘forgive you” into an acronym synonymous with an expletive phrase.

“Do me a favor, touch your neighbor and say ‘F.U.’,” Vernon says to his service members. “Not just your neighbor, look down your whole row and say ‘F’ y’all too!'”

In the sermon, which was captured on tape, he continues on saying,

“Do me a favor, take your phone out, text all of your exes and say ‘I’m at church, F.U.’ ‘Pastor, my mama don’t like you,’ ‘Well F your mama!’ ‘My family don’t like you!’ Well F your family too!’ “

His attempt at pulpit humor has gained hoards of attention as the video of the sermon has circulated around the internet.

Foul or fair? Peep the video of the sermon below and leave your comments:



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