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Among the entertainers who took aim at Gayle King over the past week including Snoop Dogg, Ari Lennox was among them blasting the journalist. Angered by King asking Lisa Leslie about the late Kobe Bryant‘s 2003 sexual assault case, Lennox is now walking back her criticism and is taking what she says is a permanent exit from social media.

Lennox, 28, took to her Tumblr page and wrote an apology note to the CBS anchor after she took at King and her best friend, media mogul Oprah Winfrey by calling them “some self-hating, pieces of sh*t f*ckasses,” echoing sentiments shared by the aforementioned Snoop Dogg, 50 Cent, and a handful of others.

The apology is a lengthy one with the Washington, D.C. songstress essentially explaining that the timing of King’s question was what prompted her previous missive. Lennox then proceeded to explain that she’ll be leaving social media behind as she works on furthering her career and personal life.

From Ari Lennox’s Tumblr:

I am sorry. I was acting like an ass. Im sorry for being insensitive. I truly love y’all so much. I swear to god i be meaning well. I’m not the most structured when i start talking and that has been a blessing and curse. I’ve grown too comfortable with viewing my supporters as my bestie that I can freely vent to with no repercussions. I feel the need to protect people that I feel are genuinely good people.

Lennox adds later in the note that, “I’m excited to leave social media for good. I’m excited for true self love, healing, understanding and peace. To all the people who checked me from a place of love, I love you forever and I hear you and I deeply empathize more than you’ll ever know.”

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