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Diddy, the self-crowned front-man of Bad Boy’s “Dirty Money” super-group is giving fans more details on his latest project. Dirty Money is the newest brainchild from the mogul’s trippy head and consists of himself, ex-Danity Kane singer, Dawn Richards and singer/ songwriter Kalenna. In keeping with typical Diddy fashion, the group is currently co-starring in a reality series.

‘Making His Band’ follows the plight of talented musicians from around the country working to be the live band for the group; a gig that should ultimately prove to be short lived. Until their demise however, the “Twitter King” posted a new video on PTwitty TV dishing out details on Dirty Money’s new single, “Angels.” He starts off the video sitting on a random staircase asking viewers if they hear angels. HUH?

“It’s about those angels, it’s about those different loved ones. Wolf, Rizzo, my grandmother, my father, BIG, the angels that are always talking to me.”

Following the introduction, the video features the heavily auto-tuned track which is over the beat of Jay Z’s “Where I’m From “and features Biggie. The PTwitty TV video is here:

A teaser of the music video, which is directed by Hype Williams was also released:

According to Puff, the group will have an electro-Hip-Hop sound infused with soul. In other words, they’ll suck. Look forward to another one of Sean’s marketing ploys for profit, Last Train To Paris available November 24. I don’t know about you but I predict an epic fail. Sorry Diddy.