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We are living in strange political times. Presidential candidate Tom Steyer booked Juvenile of Cash Money fame to perform at an event, and the 62-year-old billionaire hopped on stage, too.

It went down on Friday (February 28),at rally Steyer in South Carolina. To make the cypher the complete, the song that he was trying and failing to sing along to was the classic “Back That Azz Up.”

With this move, Tom Steyer has definitely gone Super Saiyan when it comes to pandering to Black people.

But hey, so long as Juvenile got the bag, we’re not mad at him. However, you gotta be careful about whether or not people are laughing with you or laughing at you. And just so we’re clear, Juvenile said he thinks Steyer is the best candidate for President.

During Steyer’s event Juvie told him:

“To me you’re the best person to be the President of the United States because you’ve got the issues right. All of your policies are catered to help minorities and people who are struggling.”

Also, reportedly that is Steyer’s wife with the focused “dancing” behind him.

Despite all these levels of struggle, be sure to vote in November. Peep more the political shenanigans, and jokes, below.