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If you follow Talib Kweli online long enough, you’ll realize he seems to have plenty of time to battle racist online trolls. According to the Brooklyn MC, the eternal onslaught is actually empowering, and necessary.

TMZ caught up with the “Get By” rapper and asked him why he bothers engaging with the Twitter fingers Klansman. Just about every day, and for years you may have witnessed Talib getting into arguments with unrepentant racists as the rapper righteously tries to set them straight with facts. Of course, that doesn’t often go well, for the racists, since facts are the last concept they’re dedicated to.

“What you see online with the radicalization of the Far Right, with the people like Putin, with the people [Jair Bolsonaro] in Brazil, with people like Trump, you see them coddling these people so now it’s affecting people that didn’t normally have to deal with it,” explained Talib. “But if you’re a Black person, a poor person, a marginalized person, it’s nothing new for us.”

While these Russian bot account or bigots with Twitter access can be annoying, Talib believes just dismissing or ignoring them is actually worse.

Adds Talib, “I just encourage people to understand that, when people dismiss racist trolling online by saying it’s just trolling, they enable racism. People think that because combating racism [and] bigotry stresses them out, it stresses me out. It don’t stress me out bruh, it empowers me.”

Talib relayed how his fans report these Nazi troll accounts and put the number at about 200 accounts taken down just last week.

Much respect to Talib Kweli for fighting the righteous fight.