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Drake made a guest appearance in D.C. Sunday at Lil Wayne’s “I Am Music II” dates where he addressed rumors that he was kicked out of his Young Money family.

As previously reported, a story surfaced on April Fool’s Day that the rapper was asked to leave Wayne’s label imprint after arguing over unpaid royalties.

Drake apparently got wind of the rumor and addressed it Sunday to a packed crowd at D.C.’s Verizon Center.

Before breaking into his hit “Forever” Drake said,

“You see today, when I landed in D.C. and I got off the plane, this n*gga looked me in my eyes and he asked me, ‘Did you drop out of Young Money?’ And I looked him right back in his eyes and I said, ‘Boy, are you out your motherFawkin’ mind?!’ Man, I want this Shyte ‘Forever!”

Drake previously made headlines for hosting Canada’s JUNO Awards and causing an uproar when he went home empty handed.

Check out Drake addressing the Young Money kick out rumor below.



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