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50 Cent is stepping up to defend embattled DJ Mr. Cee after being outed for a lewd act with a suspected male prostitute.

As previously reported, an arrest report was released detailing an officer finding Cee, real name Calvin Lebrun, being serviced a 20-year-old man.

Since then a firestorm of criticism has rained down on Cee and his co-workers at Hot 97 including comments from rival station 105.1.

Now 50 Cent is speaking out and actually jumping to the defense of Cee, who he says is good enough to replace his current DJ.

Speaking to Miss Info at the screening of his movie “Things Fall Apart”, 50 says that Cee should shake off the comments made against him, adding that he could liken himself to Rick James and say ‘who cares’.

They can say what they want about it but how about you say I’m Rick James Itchbay, who cares?

How about you say I don’t care…who is going to judge you? …If you say it’s NOT fine you’re gonna get attacked…you’re gonna write apology notes.”

He also added that the controversy shouldn’t take away from Cee’s talents, even adding that he could replace his current DJ, DJ Whoo Kid any day.

Now it’s shedding the light on how influential and powerful that DJ is…It’s not like there’s a club out there that won’t call him because of the rumor…Fawk it I’ll get rid of Whoo Kid and make him my DJ any day. He’s better than Whoo Kid!”

Listen to 50 talk Mr. Cee below.

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