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This coming Monday (April 20), cannabis connectors and casual tokers the world over will be lighting up from their respective locals. Aiding in the journey, high chief Snoop Dogg will be rocking an Instagram Live DJ set to celebrate not only the day but the digital reissue of Dr. Dre’s classic solo debut album, The Chronic.

Snoop aka DJ Snoopadelic will join the cannabis culture and lifestyle brand, MERRY JANE, for a special 4/20 set at 4:20PM on Pacific Time.  With Snoop being present on 13 of The Chronic’s 16 tracks and cementing himself as a superstar from that point on, it makes all the sense in the world that the album will also get shine during the Monday smoke-in event.

“As MERRY JANE is now the #1 media source for all things cannabis-related, we wanted to pay tribute to the innovators who paved the way for today’s fastest growing industry. Dr. Dre’s The Chronic is widely considered the most well-produced album of all-time. From its name, artwork, and introduction of Snoop Dogg’s artistry, The Chronic revolutionized modern cannabis culture, and we are proud to provide our global audience a digital experience for a responsible, 4/20 holiday,” Scott Chung, MERRY JANE’s COO, shared in a press release statement.

While The Chronic is making its way to all the DSPs on Monday for the hazy celebrations sure to kick off worldwide, TIDAL users will have access to the album ahead over everyone starting Sunday morning (April 19). This adds to a growing list of cannabis-related performances and celebrations that had to readjust the events for the virtual space in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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