The four-part series, Tumbleweeds With Killer Mike, features the Run The Jewels star as he travels to four big-city locations to discuss the finer points of cannabis and culture.

Below, we've compiled a "quick hit" of 420 goodies for the tokers and imbibers in your life.

The ice cream maker and the activist group are hoping to bring awareness to the MORE Act, which would decriminalize and deschedule cannabis, expunge cannabis-related arrest records, and other actions.

The annual holiday for marijuana enthusiasts takes a new direction with social distancing and the elimination of outdoor parties typically suited for the haze-filled day.

The Pittsburgh rapper dropped the quick, seven-song project with tracks that will pair well with the happy green leaf as Khalifa surely intended.

The veteran West Coast superstar is teaming up with the cannabis culture company and will also celebrate the re-release of Dr. Dre's classic solo debut album, The Chronic.

Pineapple Expres, a medical and recreational marijuana provider in Los Angeles, launched a contest where Lister will deliver a package of product at 4:20 to a group of randomly selected sweepstakes winners.

While all the super cool people are lighting up to honor 4/20, Snapchat is stuck in a cloud of slander for introducing a Bob Marley  “blackface filter.” Like Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa, Marley was vocal about loving greenery, but the man who dared us to emancipate ourselves mental slavery, was actually more than a weed smoker.

Easter is just days away, but this year, some have “other” plans on the holy holiday. Lil Wayne shows us why in episode eight of the Weezy Wednesdays series, which is totally dedicated to 4/20 activities.

Talk about a bad trip. While Kush lovers everywhere were peacefully ringing in “4/20″over the weekend, a former member of the Nappy Roots was catching a vicious attack.

With 4/20 being the official holiday for substance abusers, mainly that marijuana, rapper Brisco stops through to drop his latest mixtape, OG Kush. Featuring rappers such as Glasses Malone, the Florida native is ensuring that fans have something to ride to as they blow the smoke with the windows rolled all the way up. “Dat […]