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The 1995 hood classic flick Friday has become a part of pop culture lore with quotable and phrases that have gone mainstream. One of the actors of the film, Tiny Lister, has partnered with a Los Angeles marijuana dispensary for a good-natured contest that is the exact opposite of the menacing character he played 25 years ago.

As Deebo, Lister was a thorn in the side to Ice Cube’ Craig and Chris Tucker’s Smokey, along with snatching the chain of DJ Pooh’s Red among other acts. Joining with Los Angeles-based Pineapple Express, Lister, 61, will personally deliver a package of feel-good products to randomly selected winners of a month-long sweepstakes series. And to keep things directly on the nose, Lister will be dropping the goods off at exactly 4:20PM.

Of course, the coronavirus lockdown has certainly changed how California does business on the legal weed tip, but marijuana dispensaries were deemed an essential business by the state. Hopefully, Lister keeps safe while delivering some smiles to boot.

The contest is already in motion so it isn’t immediately known if all winners have been selected.

Check out the trailer for the contest below. Click here to learn more about Pineapple Express.

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