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Democratic Presidential Candidates Debate In Las Vegas Ahead Of Nevada Caucuses

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With Bernie Sanders officially dropping out of the race and the Coronavirus continuing to infect unsuspecting Americans at an alarming rate, New York City has decided to cancel it’s 2020 Democratic Presidential Primary this June.

According to Raw Report this past Monday the Democratic members of the State’s Board of Elections voted to cancel the June 23rd primary due to concerns of COVID-19 continuing to spread through the summer.

The decision came after the Republican led state Supreme Court of Wisconsin forced voters to show up to the polls in person to cast their votes for the primary this past April 7 in an effort to scare voters away and enabling them to add another Republican to their already packed Supreme Court. The result was 400,000 pissed off Wisconsinites waiting hours to vote in a democrat into the state’s Supreme Court over the incumbent republican whose seat they tried to protect with their ruthless ruling. 36 new cases of Coronavirus infections have since been attributed to the April 7th election day.

Luckily New York State decided public health was a priority over political gains as Joe Biden is already the last man standing on the Democratic stage and has no need to have New Yorkers risk their lives to show their support.

Looking to Keep New Yorkers safe while practicing their democratic rights, the state will now allow New Yorkers to vote from home with a new initiative that really should become the new norm especially in such dire times.

New York voters can now choose to vote with an absentee ballot in the June primaries under a Cuomo executive order that adds the risk of acquiring Covid-19 as a reason to vote absentee. Cuomo also recently announced the state is sending mail-in ballots to voters.

Jacobs has said it’s a significant change, but that the party’s ready.

“It’s a big process for us. We don’t have many weeks to get it into place before the primary,” Jacobs said. “It’s going to be difficult to execute but we’re going to do it.”

Hopefully this method catches on as the 2020 Election is literally the most important Presidential race in the history of the United States. Out with the Mad Orange King and in Obama’s old right-hand man.