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The RZA isn’t here for the conspiracy theories. In a PSA sponsored by, the Abbot of the Wu-Tang urges New York City residents to stay home during the Coronavirus Pandemic and practice social distancing.

“I want to give a message to all my people out there in New York City to stay at home, yo…,” begins the “Protect Ya Neck” rapper and producer. “This pandemic is really spreading and really, ya know, a lot of people are being jeopardized and losing their lives to this thing. And our social distancing is the only thing that seems to be helping right now and we can’t give up on that right now. We got to keep it up yo.”

A native New Yorker, RZA’s message had a very personal tone.

He added, “I know these apartments can feel cramped sometimes. And I know, especially us in the hood, whereas, ya know, we’re all on top of each other and all that. But now is the time to stay at home, stay with your family, stay close to them yo. It’s not the time to be running out in the streets and just disregarding what our state officials are telling us.”

A member of the Wu-Tang Clan telling you to take heed of the government may throw passing fans for a loop. However, if you know, it’s always been about mathematics, and science.

“We can’t get trapped up in all that trick knowledge or conspiracy thinking that we’re immune to this yo,” RZA stressed. “You’re dealing with a microscopic virus microbe, it don’t discrimate yo. It goes after anybbody, so none of us is safe.”

RZA has been consistent with his stance. Back in March, he sat down with NPR to urge others to stop the spread of COVID-19.

Peep RZA’s PSA below, bong bong.