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Celina Powell

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Celina Powell, who allegedly caught hands and feet from Kaylin Garcia in front of Tory Lanez earlier this week, isn’t quite done stirring the pot. In previous times, she’s claimed to have slept with a bevy of stars including Snoop Dogg and has allegedly leaked a sex tape of the rapper to her OnlyFans page.

Via her Instagram Story feed, Powell made the announcement of the aforementioned footage with the Dogg Father along with saying she also had an additional clip of Tekashi 6ix9ine.

“I dropped exclusive NEVER before seen tapes on 69 and Snoop. Ya’ll thought I was playing. I keep every video,” Powell wrote in the feed.

A quick look at her OnlyFans page shows the description of the hidden clip, which reads, “SNOOP, 69, AKADEMIKS F*CKIN AND SUCKIN.”

Not sure of the revenge porn laws in Florida but for someone who has a pending legal case, shouldn’t she want to look less suspect at the moment?

Adding to Powell’s struggle stance, she has been on record bragging about scamming rappers out of money, most recently in December of 2019 claiming Snoop paid her $20,000 in hush money over a sex tape and generally being a “for-hire” bedroom partner. Thus far, Snoop hasn’t responded to the announcement of the tape but it wouldn’t be above him considering he’s blasted Powell for being a clout chaser in times past.

Hopefully, these entertainers learn how to keep far and away from these so-called clout chasers and stay at home. Or, better yet, fire up the ‘Hub and go ham.

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