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With recent allegations of cheating hitting the internet Snoop Dogg is trying to clear his name. The West Coast legend is saying he set up the accuser for his new show.

Last week Celina Powell took to social media claiming she and Snoopy had an affair. Not only did she provide screenshots of text conversations but also videos of their Facetime exchanges.

Clearly the evidence was pretty damning but the “Gin And Juice” rapper kept his cool and dismissed her statements as a ploy for attention. He has gone a step further to defending his name via a teaser for his new series.

Titled Clout Chasers, the show puts the spotlight on individuals who do the most for their 15 minutes of fame. While Lil’ Tay’s and Woah Vicki’s antics are featured in the clip, Snoop takes special care to out Celina Powell by reminding us about her fake plot that she was expecting Offset’s baby.

He proceeds to show her alleged receipts of him stepping out on his wife as part of his carefully planned operation. “If she only knew what I was about to get off into” he asked rhetorically.

According to the Hollywood Life the Instagram Model is saying that he is just trying to save face with the show. “Clout Chasers is fake. He did not set me up, I set him up. I wasn’t even going to put him on blast until he did me wrong, and left me on the curb to get my own (Uber) ride.”

You can view the trailer below.

via HipHopDX