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Professor Says Sarah Palin’s Down Syndrome Baby Is Really Bristol’s

Professor Bradford Scharlott of Northern Kentucky University wrote a 29-page dissertation attempting to convey the theory that Sarah Palin’s baby is really her daughter Bristol’s.

Scharlott notes that news of her daughter being pregnant would have damaged her campaign.

He faults the American public for falling for what may be one of the biggest hoaxes in U.S political history and the professor seeks his own evidence to back up his suspicions.

According to Scharlott, Palin’s actual labor was hushed and there is no record naming Trig Palin as a child born in any hospital that day, nor is there a listing of the mother.

He points out that flight attendants did not notice a pregnant Palin and aides were not told about the actual childbirth when it happened.

Here’s the press release and part of what Scharlott deduced from it:

Pictures surfaced of her a month before delivery and bizarre statements along with failure to provide a birth certificate all point to the fact that this could be a hoax.

But what about this image?

Writer, Jack Steuf commented  on Trig’s down syndrome condition,

“I first pointed out on Sept. 1, 2008, this is a condition closely correlated with advanced maternal age. At age 44, the odds of Sarah Palin giving birth to a child with Down Syndrome were 1-in-140, compared to 1-in-1,400 for a woman under age 25.

Does it matter if the baby is hers?