Hip-Hop must be starting to show it growth as some have started coming to the forefront to dead insignificant conflicts. Appearing on, Ghostface has clearly put the past behind him with 50 Cent and bury the beef.

The history between the two, and the reasoning behind the beef started back in 1999 when 50 Cent released the track “How to Rob” where he rapped that he would take the rings from Ghost, RZA and Raekwon. As a response, in 2000, Ghostface came back at the rapper with a skit on his album Supreme Clientele where he stated:

“Yo that ni**a 50 Cent, I don’t even know why he did that lil bum a*s s&*t right there. But I’mma tell you something. You can say all them other ni**as names but ni**as gonna see you based on that big daddy…If I see you up in here I’mma have about 500 wolves on you…like I said 50 you a bird and ni**as gonna see you.”

It has been nearly a decade since then and Ghostface cited that as being the factors into deading the issue. He stated that it happened so long ago and it was time to move on. Ghost also made similar statements back in 2003 when 50 exploded with “Get Rich Or Die Tryin.’” He also added that the two had a conversation over the one at one point to assure that everything is cool now. Ghost even reached out by saying that he would be open to recording a song with Fifty.

How this could play itself in the Wu Tang camp is uncertain, however, as GZA has publicly stated his distaste for the G-Unit general. When it’s all said and done, though, business is just business and everyone is after the C.R.E.A.M.

Speaking with New York Magazine, he also touched on age and if it plays a factor in the rap game as artists such as Jay-Z, okay just Jay-Z, has been under fire for still rapping as he is pushing 40.

“You can write music till you 70. This is a hobby, B. MuthaFawkas always act like they retiring and don’t go nowhere. You know what it is, man. You can’t get away from it, B. You don’t think Michael Jordan wants to pick up the ball sometimes? But that’s what it is. That’s why a boxer always keep coming back, like Muhammad Ali, until he just kept getting his a** beat. Until you realize, I just ain’t got it no more…”

September 29 will be the date to look for as it will be the return of Ironman on the solo tip. After serving up heat rocks for Raekwon on Only Built 4 Cuban Linx 2, Tony Starks will bring out his eighth album, Wizard of Poetry.

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