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“First of all, prostitutes, a lot of the times, have much cleaner pu*#y than regular girls.”

Words spoken from Jerz’ own Joe Budden, the member of Slaughterhouse took some time out to break down to an associate of his that paying for sex isn’t as bad as some people try and make it. If anything, paying for sex eliminates all of the pressures that come from trying to chase the girl or even maintaining a relationship and dealing with the emotional pressure.

“It’s the bi%c@es job to fu*k. You don’t think that bi#ch is taking care of her pu*sy?”

Budden even threw it in the air that having a prostitute is nothing that is based on income or something that is only done by middle to low class people within America.

“Everybody in the world has paid for a*s…Sometimes when you are in situations like this and you are in your hotel room and you just want a quick nut without doing it yourself, you fu*king call a fuc*ing escort. She comes over and gives you the best whatever you had, you pay her and she exits. They way that girls in the real world are suppose to do, but they don’t.”

Jumpoff did make sure to provide a disclaimer stating that he doesn’t engage in such activities due to the fact that he is in a relationship. As the video was posted on Saturday, the statement reiterates the fact that he and Tahiry might still be together even though a blow up and a depressed looking Joe afterwards made the Internet world believe that the relationship had run its course and come to an end.

Speaking with his friend he added that if he took him to Jersey he could introduce him to many “bad bi**hes” that he would pay for the goods. Fortunately, due to the fact that the rapper has such a cool relationship with some of them, he would be able to use the Budden discount.

Breaking down the actual prices, however, it must be something that only rappers can do regularly as he stated that head can come for $200 and sex at $400. That’s even worse than gambling because at least when you go to a casino or bet money, there is a possibility of getting it back or even more.