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Source: @JustInMyView / R1 Digital

Hip-Hop’s biggest troll has come back with a force and with one live stream he has most of the culture feeling a ways. But don’t believe the hype when it comes to the paper planes.

HipHopDX is exclusively reporting that Daniel Hernandez has not signed with Roc Nation. Last week the Brooklyn rapper released a music video for his new single “Gooba”. The very raunchy yet very colorful visual presents a cockier than ever 6ix9ine performing on a closed set among scantly clad females as they twerk to the stool pigeon’s symphony. But The Internets are always watching and they spotted something that made the vibes even more polarizing.

At the 1:57 minute mark a man is seen plucking out his signature locks from the handle of an umbrella. This person in question is wearing a planes hat which is Roc Nation’s signature logo. Considering the unnamed individual seems to be apart of the camera crew the sighting immediately got people to consider this as a not so formal announcement that the Tekashi has indeed signed with Jay-Z’s famed management agency. But a source that apparently works at the firm that prefers to stay nameless says Roc Nation will not be doing any business with him.

According to 6ix9ine he plans to follow up “Gooba” with a new album and a Spanish language project as well.

Photo: @6ix9ine