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New York Governor Andrew Cuomo Holds His Daily Coronavirus In Brooklyn

Source: Spencer Platt / Getty

It seems that New York City might be on the brink of reopening within the coming weeks. But according to state officials, the new normal might not feel normal at all.

As spotted on Raw Story, New York State has a plan in mind for flipping the switch on The Big Apple. On Thursday, May 28 Governor Andrew Cuomo hosted a press conference. While the politician has delivered daily updates regarding COVID-19 this presentation had some notable points of difference. The Democrat was joined on stage by Brooklyn natives comedian Chris Rock and actress Rosie Perez. The trio encouraged citizens to wear masks and other forms of PPE to curtail infection spread. “Everybody, please, spread love the Brooklyn way, get tested, wear a mask,” Perez said. “Our governor is a rock star and he makes me proud to be from New York.” Chris also added on saying “Everybody that can get tested should get tested as soon as possible.”

Cuomo went on to further advise that everyone mask up for the betterment of mankind. “They are amazingly effective and we’ve made them mandatory in public settings,” Cuomo said of face coverings. “But when we’re talking about reopening stores and places of business, we’re giving the store owners the right to say if you’re not wearing a mask you can’t come in.” Yes you heard that right – you might have to wear a mask to go inside a coffee shop for your morning bagel.

While data shows that COVID-19 infections in New York City are slowly tapering down he still remains cautious. “We have a large state, and the COVID virus tends to attack those who are seniors and those who have underlying illnesses and will remain a cause of death for the foreseeable future, I’m afraid to say,” Cuomo said. “But we want to get this number down as low as possible.”