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DJ Khaled

Source: YouTube / Geico

DJ Khaled is a lot of things. The DJ, producer, social media maestro and own best hypeman is featured in a new Geico insurance commercial because, of course he is.

The man born Khaled Khaled is featured in a new spot called Morning Motivation with DJ Khaled.

“Did you know Geico is now offering an extra 15% credit on car and motorcycle policies,” begins the voiceover as a man is seeing brushing his teeth.

After responding in the affirmative, the narrator continues, “That’s 15% on top of what Geico can already save you, so what are you waiting for…DJ Khaled to be your motivational coach?”

And on cue, here comes DJ Khaled, with a fresh haircut, too.

“Yo Devin, remember to brush in a circle motion,” says Khaled in supreme motivator mode. “Tiny circles Devin, do another one. Another one. Put in the work Devin! Don’t give up!”

Yep, this really happened.

If back in 2010 you said DJ Khaled would be featured in a Geico commercial, no one would have believed you. However, in 2020, can we really be surprised? In recent years we have seen Khaled pushing Weight Watchers, various spirits and even his own We The Best furniture, among many more products that have little to do with spinning or producing Hip-Hop hits.

Khaled has secured the bag, again. Oh yeah, he recently rocked a full hazmat suit to the dentist because, the Rona ain’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Watch GEICO’s the “Morning Motivation with DJ Khaled” commercial below.