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Source: The Washington Post / Getty

Kanye West hasn’t decided to drop out of the 2020 Presidential Race after all.

According to TMZ, Kanye West has indeed continued with his presidential run by officially registering as a candidate. On Thursday (Jul 16), Yeezy completed the first round of paperwork with the Federal Election Commission. Filing out the State of  Candidacy form, Kanye reveals that he met the minimum requirement of raising at least $5000 in campaign-related expenses, which allowed him to officially add his name to the ballot under the federal campaign law.

The latest filings mark the second set of forms necessary for West to be added to the national ballot. Since the paperwork was just completed, the “Ultralight Beam” rapper missed the opportunity to be added to the ballot in the battleground state of Florida, but he did make it in time to be officially added as a candidate in Oklahoma.

On Wednesday (Jul 15) Ye’s team allegedly filed a statement of organization with the Federal Election Commission with the name Kanye 2020. Per People, the form notes the office West is seeking as the presidency. His political party reads as “BDY,” or the Birthday Party which is his new party that was shared during his latest Forbes interview.

While the candidacy confirmation is completely different from the information released last week, alleging that Kanye bowed out of the race after his family was reportedly concerned about his mental state, according to an expose by the New York’s Intelligencer, that’s exactly what Kanye West wanted us to think.

According to the report, while the news was circulating about his mental state, Kanye West was working behind the scenes to solidify his campaign.

“On the morning of July 9, TMZ reported that West’s family was concerned that the billionaire rapper was suffering a bipolar episode based on his presidential aspirations. The well-sourced tabloid website added “our sources say his family and those close to him are worried, but they believe things will stabilize as they have in the past,” Jacobs wrote. “Later that day, I talked to Steve Kramer. He is a get-out-the-vote specialist who runs a firm that also helps candidates get on the ballot. Kramer, who has worked mostly for Democratic candidates but has also had some Republican clients, told me that he had been hired to help West get on the ballot in Florida and South Carolina. He added that his understanding was that West’s team was “working over weekend there, formalizing the FEC and other things that they’ve got to do when you have a lot of corporate lawyers involved.”

The article also notes that the Wests are extremely serious about Kanye’s presidential bid that they have both volunteers and paid staff garnering signatures to ensure he’s added to the ballots in remaining states.

“We had overwhelming support to get him on the ballot.”Kramer added, “Whether anybody is going to vote for him or not is up to them. They got a lot of people who they’ve got both on their volunteer side and their contracted side.”

While voting data performed by several independent agencies reveal that the “Jesus Is King” rapper is only able to solidify two percent of the populations’ vote, making him no real threat, many question his motives for not only continuing to run after receiving such abysmal data but also timing referring to his announcement coming on July 4th with less than four months left in the current Presidential campaign cycle accusing the rapper of trying to steal the Democratic votes from Biden in an attempt to help swing votes for Trump.

As previously reported, even with Kanye denouncing his Trump ties in his latest interview, many were still giving the side-eye at the fact West stopped short of calling out his “friend” for his blatant racism. During an interview with Forbes West revealed that he has “never voted in his life,” but if he becomes president, he plans to run the White House in the image of Wakanda, the secret fictional African country in “Black Panther.”

“Let’s see if the appointing is at 2020 or if it’s 2024—because God appoints the president,” Kanye West said. “If I win in 2020 then it was God’s appointment. If I win in 2024 then that was God’s appointment.”