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March For Our Lives - Washington, DC

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Kanye West‘s presidential run is only a few seconds old (relatively) and already it seems to be dead on arrival. Yesterday (July 19) he inexplicably stated that the iconic Harriet Tubman never freed any slaves, and that may not have been the wildest moment.

“Well, Harriet Tubman never freed the slaves,” Kanye “matter of factly” said. “She just had the slaves go work for other white people.”

Again, right back to the whole “slavery was a choice” f*ckery.

With a bulletproof vest on his torso and “2020” etched on his dome piece where a fade should’ve been, Kanye continued to leave the South Carolina crowd speechless as he delved into the weirdest and most asinine campaign rally since, well, Donald Trump’s a few weeks ago. After threatening to walk away from both his lucrative deals with adidas and the Gap if they didn’t put him on their board of directors, Yeezy continued on with his hour-long rant which touched on everything from race to guns to not wanting to have a baby (huh?).

Regardless of how wild, yet, entertaining his rally was, we’ve decided to save y’all the trouble of watching this entire video and just post Kanye’s 8 craziest campaign rally statements.

“Harriet Tubman never freed the slaves.” – Apparently, Harriet Tubman was the OG Headhunter as far as Kanye was concerned.

“She had the pills in her hand” – Kanye talking about Kim Kardashian pondering whether or not to abort her pregnancy for months after finding out she had a bun in the oven. Ye eventually broke down into tears when revealing his father wanted to abort him as well.

“Steve Jobs is a Nazi!” – Word?! Well, if you really think about it that explains a lot… of nothing.

“People told me not to date this person” – Kanye on his relationship with Amber Rose before comparing it to Jesus’ partnership with Mary Magdalene because Mary Magdalene founded the Slut Walk of 33 AD. We mean while we’re making ish up…

“God will make a way” – For women who’ve had abortions for pregnancies due to rape. Well, that’s good to know. He also said once a baby can “see” it has a soul. We guess blind people are assed out.

“Shooting guns are fun!” – Kanye setting the stage for his transition into conservative gangsta rap music.

“I did smoke a little bit last night” – Kanye revealing he indulged in Mary Jane the night before his rally much to the delight of the crowd. Take that Bill Clinton you liberal p*ssy!

“I’m not going up against Big Pharma!” – Kanye saying he’d rather people go back to farming because, well, we’re not sure. Maybe because Trump wants Black people to work the factory farms now that his administration done deported all the immigrants who were working there when he took office?

Peep the entire wildness below if you have an hour to spare and some brain cells to burn and let us know what you think was Kanye’s weirdest take on, well, anything.