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Customers Will Only Be Allowed One PS5 Order Per Household: Report

Source: Sony / PlayStation

While Sony is being very methodically when it comes to news about the PS5, new details have leaked, which sheds even more light on the next-gen console’s release.

Information that was “datamined” from PlayStation’s official website revealed plans the company has in regards to the PS5’s forthcoming launch. Detailed on Reddit, the backend code obtained confirms that customers will be limited to one purchase of either the disc-based PS5 console or the digital option. If this is indeed the case, that means Sony will be doing its best to ensure that as many gamers as possible will be able to secure a console when it launches.

This latest news follows reports of Sony ramping up production to meet the growing demand for the PS5 following the big reveal event that showed off games like Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales.

Another interesting tidbit discovered is the new image for the “PS5 Compatible” badge, which will live on the cases for games that will be able to run on cross-generation titles and previous games released on PS4. According to Sony, there will be a 100 PS4 games with backwards compatibility available when the PS5 launches. We reported back in January that PlayStation 5 will be able to play all previous systems games and even enhance them “Remastering Engine,” according to video game journalist and insider HipHopGamer.

The excitement is real for PS5, so real in fact that people lined up at stores following a rumor that claimed pre-orders was supposed to drop some time last week that even took Sony by surprise. The company responded by promising to keep gamers in the know when pre-orders begin and that the news will not come suddenly. Well, if this datamined information pans out, it looks like we will be able to get our PS5 consoles directly from Sony instead of having to rely on third-party retailers.

Photo: Sony / PlayStation