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Chris Rock decided to dig in his vault to drop some unreleased material that is both relevant and comedic.

On Monday (Jul 21), Chris Rock took to Instagram to share an unreleased 2003 parody video where he transposed his face on Andre 3000’s body for 3 Stacks iconic “Hey Ya” video. Rock’s version takes a serious but hilariously presented look at race, calling out social injustices at the time that are ironically still an issue today.

With the caption, “Crackers,” the Bigger and Blacker comedian dropped the song noting that it’s from “deep” within his comedic vault.

“🎶Crackers🎶. Here’s a deep cut from the vault.”

This isn’t the first time that Chris Rock has referenced his older material as a social “I told you so,” last week the comedy icon posted a snippet from his 2004 comedy special, Never Scared, where the comedian talked about the difference between being rich versus being wealthy, along with a caption pointing out his point on the subject to address the issue of keeping Black dollars inside the Black community.

“We got some rich ones, we don’t got no wealth,” Chris Rock wrote.

In other Chris Rock news, the comedian’s latest parental outing lead him to checking an item off of his bucket list, after the 55-year old and his daughter decided to get tattoos for the first time.

According to published reports, the Down to Earth actor got his first tattoo alongside one of his teenage daughters, according to an Instagram post from Bang Bang NYC on Wednesday (Jul 15).

The first image shows Rock wearing a black face mask and a white t-shirt as he shows off a simple tattoo of a Basquiat crown on his left shoulder, with the subsequent shot showing a tattoo of a dinosaur wearing a Basquiat crown on what appears to be his daughter’s back right shoulder blade.

“First tattoo for King @chrisrock and his wonderful daughter,” read the caption. “Thank you for the trust.”

Check out the parody below.