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Marvel's Avengers

Source: Square Enix / Marvel’s Avengers

Crystal Dynamics held its second War Table live-stream event and dropped more details on the highly-anticipated Marvel’s Avengers game.

Mark your calendars PS4 owners, you get the first crack Marvel’s Avengers beginning August 7 Crystal Dynamics revealed during the event. Those excited to get their hands on the game and pre-ordered it will gain access to the closed beta before it officially opens to everyone else August 14, and that also includes Xbox One and PC players as well.

Not only will you be able to hop in Tony Starks’ Iron Man suit of armor and take it for a test spin, but you will be previewing a quite sizeable chunk of the game before it officially launches globally on September 4. The beta will allow you to play several single-player missions starting with the games opening Golden Gate Bridge sequence (which we tried New York Comic Con) Crystal Dynamics revealed during the War Table stream. From there, gamers will get to experience an additional large section of missions that can either be played solo or with your AI-controlled Avengers team or co-op with other players.

Marvel's Avengers

Source: Square Enix / Marvel’s Avengers

One mission that was detailed features the youngest Avenger, Kamala Khan teaming up with The Hulk as they infiltrate and more than likely smash their way into an AIM stronghold located in the Pacific North West. The base was the last known location of Tony’s virtual assistant, JARVIS.

Later on in the mission, the two heroes will take the Quinn Jet to a remote war zone located in a frozen Russian tundra to unveil Shield secrets hidden in an underground bunker.

Marvel's Avengers

Source: Square Enix / Marvel’s Avengers

Crystal Dynamics also shared more details on “Ultimates,” which are boosts to character’s abilities.  During the live-stream, we get to see Iron Man’s “Ultimate,” the Hulk Buster armor in action, and it looks very impressive.

Last but certainly not least, the burning question, where is Hawkeye has been answered? Since the game was announced and revealed to focus around, the original members of the superhero squad fans couldn’t help nut notice that Clint Barton was missing in action. Well, that its no longer the case. Hawkeye was confirmed to be in the game and will be a post-launch character. He will have his own missions for players to experience while using him.

No date has been revealed as to when we can expect him to arrive in the game, but this pretty much lets us know to expect other additional Avengers to be added to the roster. So go ahead and peep Hawkeye’s reveal below and remember Marvel’s Avengers drops worldwide September 4 on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Photo: Square Enix / Marvel’s Avengers

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