Marvel’s Avengers

Welp, we had fun with Marvel's Avengers, but now the sun is setting on the troubled game.

After its not-so-stellar launch in 2020, Crystal Dynamics Marvel's Avengers was supposed to find its second wind with its post-game content. Sadly that hasn't been the case.

Could the King of Wakanda's arrival finally make it the game fans hoped it would be at launch?

After being teased back in July, we now know when Hawkeye will joining the growing roster of superheroes in Square Enix's Marvel's Avengers.

Crystal Dynamic's Marvel's Avengers was easily one of the year's most highly-anticipated games. Like the popular Disney/Marvel Studios' films, there was a lot of hype to live up to. So that just leaves the million-dollar question, is the game worth your money and time?

PlayStation 4 players, including us, got a chance to take the Marvel's Avengers for a spin during its closed beta over the weekend first, and we walked away with some mixed reactions.

Like Spider-Man and the upcoming beta, PlayStation owners will have access to exclusive Community Challenges. PS players will also be blessed with Legendary and Epic outfits, emotes, and takedowns (a cosmetic upgrade that heroes can perform when certain circumstances are met) as a timed exclusive for 30-days.

Marvel fans and true believers, if you're excited to play Square Enix and Crystal Dynamic's Marvel's Avengers game, this news will get you even more hyped.